15 Jul 2013

Good News. Prices on hold.

There's a lot to be thankful for. The sun is shining, our Grandson Nathaniel flourishes, the roses are more vigorous than ever. Murray won Wimbledon, The Lions triumphed and we are nudging ahead in the Ashes. The Economy looks as if it might have turned a corner but I am sure many are feeling the strain and concern over uncertainty. Noelle has usually increased prices year on year to reflect fuel bills and the hit we absorbed when we were VAT registered. We enjoy providing high quality accommodation and love it when visitors are happy at the end of their stay. We don't want to price ourselves out of reach for our guests or deter them from re-booking. It's always good to see returning guests as well as new faces. We will revise the 2014 prices so that they remain the same as 2013. Nothing changes, there will still be cream on your scones, logs in the wood-burners and chocolates to greet you. We may try to encourage thoughtful use of heating which most will be doing at home anyway. We look forward to meeting some of you again and hope you enjoy the sunny weather. Here are some of the good things we enjoy. Noelle and Tim Newbridge Park, young people enjoying the biking facilities Nathaniel, King of his Castle - made by Uncle Ollie. Nothing quite as much fun as a cardboard box

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